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NBA Honors: All-Defensive Teams - Summary

Information about the All-Defensive Teams including all the players selected, year by year, players who won the honor the most times, total and first team.

All-Defensive Team:
All the Information

NBA Honors: All-Defensive Teams

Current All-Defensive First Team:
All-Defensive First Team
Player with More Selections:
14 Times
Selected for an NBA All-Defensive Team
(Total Selections)
Player with More First Teams:
9 Times
Selected for the
NBA All-Defensive First Team
14 Times - Tim Duncan
12 Times - Kobe Bryant
12 Times - Kevin Garnett
11 Times - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
10 Times - Scottie Pippen
9 Times - Dennis Johnson
9 Times - Bobby Jones
9 Times - Michael Jordan
9 Times - Jason Kidd
9 Times - Hakeem Olajuwon
9 Times - Kobe Bryant
9 Times - Kevin Garnett
9 Times - Michael Jordan
9 Times - Gary Payton
8 Times - Tim Duncan
8 Times - Bobby Jones
8 Times - Scottie Pippen
7 Times - Walt Frazier
7 Times - Dennis Rodman
6 Times - Dave DeBusschere
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