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NBA Honors: Steals Leaders - Summary

Information about the NBA Steals Leader including current winner, year by year, player who won the honor the most times and players grouped by team

NBA Steals Leader:
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The NBA started to record steals and blocks as statistical categories in the 1973-74 season..

NBA Honors: Steals Leaders

Current Steals Leader:
Steals Leader
Player with More Honors:
6 Times
NBA Steals Leader
Team with More Honors:
4 Times
had the Steals Leader
2013-14. Chris Paul
2012-13. Chris Paul
2011-12. Chris Paul
2010-11. Chris Paul
2009-10. Rajon Rondo
2008-09. Chris Paul
2007-08. Chris Paul
2006-07. Baron Davis
2005-06. Gerald Wallace
2004-05. Larry Hughes
6 Times - Chris Paul
3 Times - Allen Iverson
3 Times - Michael Jordan
3 Times - Alvin Robertson
2 Times - Mookie Blaylock
2 Times - Baron Davis
2 Times - Magic Johnson
2 Times - John Stockton
1 Time - Rick Barry
4 Times - Chicago Bulls
3 Times - Philadelphia 76ers
3 Times - Utah Jazz
3 Times - Brooklyn Nets
2 Times - Atlanta Hawks
2 Times - Charlotte Hornets
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