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1951 NBA Draft: all the picks, trades and information.

Information about the 1951 NBA Draft, including the first and second round, all the trades and players data.

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Note: Between 1947 and 1965, before the start of the draft, the teams could forfeit their first-round pick to instead use a 'territorial pick' to select a player from their immediate area. This had the intention of building strong local fan bases.

Here you have all the picks from the 1951 NBA Draft. Total selections: 87

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1951 NBA Draft

Territorial Picks

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Whitey Skoog Minneapolis Lakers Univ. of Minnesota Lakers had the 10th pick

Round 1

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
1. Gene Melchiorre Baltimore Bullets (1st) Bradley Univ.
2. Mel Hutchins Tri-Cities Blackhawks Brigham Young Univ.
3. Marcus Freiberger Indianapolis Olympians Univ. of Oklahoma
4. Zeke Sinicola Fort Wayne Pistons Niagara Univ.
5. John McConathy Syracuse Nationals Northwestern State Univ.
6. Ed Smith New York Knicks Harvard Univ.
7. Ernie Barrett Boston Celtics Kansas State Univ.
8. Sam Ranzino Rochester Royals North Carolina State Univ.
9. Don Sunderlage Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Round 2

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
10. Jack Stone Baltimore Bullets (1st) Kansas State Univ.
11. Bill Gossett Tri-Cities Blackhawks Colorado State Univ.
12. Scotty Steagall Indianapolis Olympians Millikin Univ.
13. Jack Kiley Fort Wayne Pistons Syracuse Univ.
14. Don Savage Syracuse Nationals LeMoyne College
15. Roland Minson New York Knicks Brigham Young Univ.
16. Bill Garrett Boston Celtics Indiana Univ.
17. Ray Ragelis Rochester Royals Northwestern Univ.
18. Mel Payton Philadelphia Warriors Tulane Univ.
19. Lew Hitch Minneapolis Lakers Kansas State Univ.

Round 3

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
20. Bill Mann Baltimore Bullets (1st) Bradley Univ.
21. Ron Bontemps Tri-Cities Blackhawks Beloit College
22. Glenn Kammeyer Indianapolis Olympians Central Missouri State Univ.
23. Jake Fendley Fort Wayne Pistons Northwestern Univ.
24. Bato Govedarica Syracuse Nationals DePaul Univ.
25. Joe Luchi New York Knicks Univ. of Cincinnati
26. John Furlong Boston Celtics Pepperdine Univ.
27. Fred Diute Rochester Royals St. Bonaventure Univ.
28. Bob Schloss Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Georgia
29. Bob Payne Minneapolis Lakers Oregon State Univ.

Round 4

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
30. Bill Hagler Baltimore Bullets (1st) Univ. of California
31. Jim Slaughter Tri-Cities Blackhawks Univ. of South Carolina
32. Bill Tosheff Indianapolis Olympians Indiana Univ.
33. Herb Hargett Fort Wayne Pistons Mississippi State Univ.
34. Paul Horvath Syracuse Nationals North Carolina State Univ.
35. Lloyd Sandstrom New York Knicks Univ. of St. Thomas
36. Bob Barnett Boston Celtics Univ. of Evansville
37. Elmer Behnke Rochester Royals Bradley Univ.
38. Jud Milhon Philadelphia Warriors Ohio Wesleyan Univ.
39. Gale McArthur Minneapolis Lakers Oklahoma State Univ.

Round 5

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
40. Leroy Ishman Baltimore Bullets (1st) American Univ.
41. Bob Sakel Tri-Cities Blackhawks Univ. of Evansville
42. Bob Pierce Indianapolis Olympians Univ. of Nebraska
43. Leo Johnson Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Arizona
44. Glen Anderson Syracuse Nationals Colorado State Univ.
45. Tom Smith New York Knicks Saint Peter's College
46. Rip Gish Boston Celtics Western Kentucky Univ.
47. Dan Bagley Rochester Royals Univ. of Notre Dame
48. Mike Kearns Philadelphia Warriors Princeton Univ.
49. Leo Vander Kuy Minneapolis Lakers Univ. of Michigan

Round 6

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
50. Glen Duggins Baltimore Bullets (1st) Univ. of Utah
51. John Rennicke Tri-Cities Blackhawks Drake Univ.
52. Marv Johnson Indianapolis Olympians Wheaton College
53. Frank Clasbeek Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Iowa
54. Bob Wheeler Syracuse Nationals Univ. of Idaho
55. Alfred McGuire New York Knicks St. John's Univ.
56. Jim Luisi Boston Celtics St. Francis College
57. Jim Ove Rochester Royals Valparaiso Univ.
58. Bob Swails Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Indianapolis
59. Deward Dopson Minneapolis Lakers Arkansas Tech Univ.

Round 7

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
60. Tom Riach Baltimore Bullets (1st) Univ. of Southern California
61. Bob Ambler Tri-Cities Blackhawks Univ. of Arkansas
62. Ted Beach Indianapolis Olympians Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
63. Jim Ramstead Fort Wayne Pistons Stanford Univ.
64. Roy Reardon Syracuse Nationals St. Francis College
65. Sid Ryen New York Knicks Univ. of Denver
66. John Azary Boston Celtics Columbia Univ.
67. John Brown Rochester Royals Southern Methodist Univ.
68. George Dempsey Philadelphia Warriors King's College
69. Ed Head Minneapolis Lakers Kansas State Univ.

Round 8

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
70. Bill Harper Baltimore Bullets (1st) Oregon State Univ.
71. Aaron Preece Tri-Cities Blackhawks Bradley Univ.
72. George Kelly Indianapolis Olympians Vanderbilt Univ.
73. John Manning Fort Wayne Pistons Duquesne Univ.
74. Tom Jockle Syracuse Nationals Syracuse Univ.
75. Hugo Kappler Boston Celtics North Carolina State Univ.
76. George Davidson Rochester Royals Lafayette College
77. James Phelan Philadelphia Warriors La Salle Univ.

Round 9

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
78. Bob Crowe Baltimore Bullets (1st) San Jose State Univ.
79. Wayne Tucker Tri-Cities Blackhawks Univ. of Colorado
80. Ray Kirkwasser Syracuse Nationals Ithaca College
81. Hugh Faulkner Philadelphia Warriors Pepperdine Univ.

Round 10

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
82. Dan Torrey Baltimore Bullets (1st) Oregon State Univ.
83. John DeWitt Tri-Cities Blackhawks Texas A&M Univ.
84. Paul Gerwin Philadelphia Warriors Cornell Univ.

Round 11

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
85. Clem Pavilonis Baltimore Bullets (1st) DePaul Univ.

Round 12

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
86. John Burke Baltimore Bullets (1st) Springfield College

Total picks: 87

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