Links to Other Interesting Websites

This page is full of links to other websites we own or we like a lot.

Recommended websites:

Sports: Basketball

- The Spanish version of this website: Universo Basquet

- Michael Jordan's World: a lot of data about one of the best (if not the best) basketball players ever.

- Lakers Universe: Los Angeles Lakers history, stats, players and much more.

Sports: Soccer (Football)

- The Soccer World Cups: absolutely everything from the first World Cup to the present day with all the games, players, statistics and more. Los Mundiales de Futbol is the Spanish version.

- A World Of Soccer: all about international soccer (football), with champions, teams, players and national teams. Sobre Futbol is the Spanish version.

Sports: Tennis

- Land Of Tennis: information about the top tennis tournaments and players. Universo Tenis is the Spanish version.


- The Summaries: the first step to choose a good book. List of books with summary and some data about the author.

- Frases Elegidas: (in Spanish) a collection of quotes carefully chosen, from many topics and with sources.

Other Resources

- Buying Jerseys: where to buy sports jerseys.

- The Basketball World: basketball information.

- The Golf Minded: golf tips, rules, dictionary and other information.