Allen Iverson Shoes: Reebok The Answer IX with Pump (9) (2005-06 NBA Season), sneakers information and where to buy them

Info about Allen Iverson basketball shoes The Answer IX with Pump (9) and where to buy them. Everything about the footwear of the NBA star, made by Reebok and some selected online sports stores to shop them.

Allen Iverson Basketball Shoes:

Allen Iverson Shoes: 2005-06 NBA Season

Allen Iverson  signature Basketball Shoes: Reebok The Answer IX with Pump (9) (2005-06 NBA Season)
Reebok The Answer IX with Pump (9)

Allen Iverson


Basketball Shoes:
The Answer IX with Pump (9)

NBA Season:

Comments: The Answer IX was Allen Iverson's 10th signature shoe from Reebok, and his first with the pump technology.

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Official Description: Introducing the shoe that will redefine what a performance basketball shoe should be, the RBK Answer IX. Combining the strongest elements of AI's game - speed and style - with RBK's Pump 2.0 technology, the Answer IX provides the perfect blend of performance, style and custom fit.

With one turn of the dial, the Answer IX auto/off smart valve inflates to give you a custom fit every time you step onto the court... Marking a basketball industry first, Reebok's Answer IX shoe with the pump technology offers the perfect fit by surrounding the foot with an automatic, form fitting air chamber that you can turn on or off as needed.

A large volume Pump actuator is located inside the heel of the shoe. When the consumer takes approximately five steps the Pump actuator is compressed and causes the shoe to automatically inflate. The shoe pumps up until the air chamber is inflated enough to form a custom fit around his foot. This inflation causes the shoe to form to the exact fit of the foot.

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