Michael Jordan Shoes: Nike Air Jordan 2009 (2008-09 NBA Season), sneakers information and where to buy them

Info about Michael Jordan basketball shoes Air Jordan 2009 and where to buy them. Everything about the footwear of the NBA star, made by Nike and some selected online sports stores to shop them.

Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes:

Michael Jordan Shoes: 2008-09 NBA Season

Michael Jordan


Basketball Shoes:
Air Jordan 2009

NBA Season:

Where to buy them:
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Comments: These are basketball shoes made by Nike for the 2008-2009 NBA Season and are the first that don't follow the nomenclature of I, II, III that ended at XX3

Players wearing these Shoes: Michael Jordan

$$$ Prices and where to buy these shoes:
Nike Air Jordan 2009  (2008-09 NBA Season)
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Official Description:

  • The Air Jordan 2009 incorporates a new, innovative technology in basketball footwear called Articulated Propulsion Technology, or APT. The Air Jordan 2009's APT allows the athlete to explosively and quickly propel forward on the court.
  • In addition to its performance technology platform, the AIR JORDAN 2009's modern design elements offer a bold style statement by incorporating satin pleats and polishable dress-shoe-like panache leather, the first Air Jordan to utilize these luxurious design elements.
  • A diamond-shaped hologram references the authenticity of the AIR JORDAN franchise while another distinguishing factor is the midsole's thermo plastic urethane chassis. Created with a special injection process, the chassis features a blown-glass-inspired pattern that is unique to every shoe, making each pair a unique, one-of-one limited edition collection.

* Information updated on Feb 2009 / Source: Shoes official website

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Note: This page features information about Michael Jordan basketball shoes. We know that to buy online you have to be sure you are picking quality products and that you are shopping from recognized stores, with that on mind we have affiliated with the best online stores to recommend you where to get the basketball shoes of this NBA star, like FinishLine, Footlocker, eBay, Pro Sports Memorabilia and FansEdge among others (all with excellent customer service). All shoes are made by the leaders of the basketball shoe market: Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Converse.

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