USA Basketball Roster at the 2006 FIBA World Championships

This page includes information about the United States National Team players for the 2006 Japan FIBA World Championships.

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Here you have the basic information about the USA Basketball team roster for the 2006 FIBA World Championships hosted by Japan.

Despite including a couple of veteran players, head coach Mike Krzyzewski, set the focus of the USA Team in a young and talented generation of players that include five players from the brilliant 2003 NBA Draft (James, Anthony, Wade, Hinrich and Bosh)

# Pos Name Born NBA Team
4 Forward Joe Johnson 1981 Atlanta Hawks
5 Guard Kirk Hinrich 1981 Chicago Bulls
6 Guard LeBron James 1984 Cleveland Cavaliers
7 Forward Antawn Jamison 1976 Washington Wizards
8 Forward Shane Battier 1978 Houston Rockets
9 Guard Dwyane Wade 1982 Miami Heat
10 Guard Chris Paul 1985 NO/OKC Hornets
11 Center Chris Bosh 1984 Toronto Raptors
12 Center Dwight Howard 1985 Orlando Magic
13 Center Brad Miller 1976 Sacramento Kings
14 Forward Elton Brand 1979 Los Angeles Clippers
15 Forward Carmelo Anthony 1984 Denver Nuggets

Head coach: Mike Krzyzewski

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