USA Basketball at the FIBA World Championships - Summary

This page includes basic information about the United States National Team performances at the Summer FIBA World Championships.

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Here you have the basic information about the USA Basketball team performances at the FIBA World Championships since Argentina 1950, the first edition of this international World Cup.

The US never saw this championship with the same eyes it is considered worldwide, to the point that the NBA champions are called "World Champions". But for the international basketball world this tournament is almost at the same level of the basketball competition of the Olympic Games and is here where the real "World Champion" is crowned.

Despite that, the United States Basketball team has always been one of the World Championship contenders with 12 medals in 18 editions of the tournament. Five of those medals were Gold and the only other National Team with that number is the now disappeared Yugoslavia (although technically the first Yurgoslavia won 3 and FR of Yugoslavia -- later called Serbia and Montenegro-- won the other 2) (see complete medal list).

Year by year Basketball World Cup Champions:

FIBA World

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Year / Host Country World Champion Second Third
2019 China Spain Argentina France
2014 Spain USA Serbia France
2010 Turkey USA Turkey Lithuania
2006 Japan Spain Greece USA
2002 USA FR of Yugoslavia Argentina Germany
1998 Greece FR of Yugoslavia Russia USA
1994 Canada USA Russia Croatia
1990 Argentina Yugoslavia USSR USA
1986 Spain USA USSR Yugoslavia
1982 Colombia USSR USA Yugoslavia
1978 Philippines Yugoslavia USSR Brazil
1974 Puerto Rico USSR Yugoslavia USA
1970 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Brazil USSR
1967 Uruguay USSR Brazil Yugoslavia
1963 Brazil Brazil Yugoslavia USSR
1959 Chile Brazil USA Chile
1954 Brazil USA Brazil Philippines
1950 Argentina Argentina USA Chile
USA Basketball World Championships Medals Summary
Total Medals Golden Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals
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Golden MedalSilver MedalBronze Medal
12 Medals

Golden Medal 5


Silver Medal 3


Bronze Medal 4


FIBA World Championships.
2006 USA Basketball roster for the World Championship