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This site has lots of information about the basketball sport. Aside from profiles of the NBA top players, including current stars and glories of the past, we have added information that is hard to find around the Internet: what basketball shoes are the NBA stars currently wearing and detailed data about players honors and awards.

Also ready are the teams profiles with all the data like championships won, history, hall of famers, retired jerseys and more. The yearly records for each team have their own pages... The content of the site keeps growing with more stats, records, playoffs information and more about NBA championships.

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Stats comparison: Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

NBA All-time Scoring Leaders

2014 Champion:

2013-14 NBA Honors and Awards:

 NBA Champion
2014 NBA Champion
San Antonio Spurs

Scoring Leader
Kevin Durant
Rebounds Leader
DeAndre Jordan
Assists Leader
Chris Paul
Steals Leader
Chris Paul
Blocks Leader
Anthony Davis
Rookie of the Year
Michael Carter-Williams
Season MVP
Kevin Durant
Finals MVP
Kawhi Leonard
Defensive Player
Joakim Noah
Most Improved
Goran Dragic
6th Man
Jamal Crawford
Coach of the Year
Gregg Popovich
All-NBA First Team: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Joakim Noah, James Harden, Chris Paul
All-Defensive First Team: Joakim Noah, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala, Paul George, Chris Paul

NBA Championships:
Year by Year Champions
Summary of Winners
Winners by Conference
Coaches with Titles

Year by Year:
2014-15 Schedule and Scores
2014-15 Season Standings
2014 Playoffs Brackets
2013-14 Season Summary
2013-14 Season Standings
Year by Year Index
Seasons Summary

Best NBA Seasons
Worst NBA Seasons
Longest Winning Streaks

NBA Records:
Summary of Season Records
60 or More Points

NBA Honors and Awards:
Season MVP
Finals MVP
Scoring Leaders
Assists Leaders
Rebounds Leaders
Steals Leaders
Blocks Leaders
Rookie of the Year
Defensive Player of the Year
Coach of the Year
6th Man of the Year
Most improved Player
All-NBA Teams
NBA All-Defensive Teams
All-Rookie Teams

NBA All-Star Game:
2014 All-Star Game
Year by Year Results
Box Scores and Information
Winners by Conference
Slam Dunk Contest
3-Point Shootout

NBA Draft:
2014 Draft
Draft by Year
Number 1 Picks

Hall of Fame
Hall of Famers by Year

NBA Data:
50 Greatest Players

NBA Curiosities:
Did You Know?
MVPs who Were Traded

USA Basketball:
Olympic Games
World Championships
2012 Olympic Games
2008 Olympic Games
2007 FIBA Americas
2006 USA Basketball Roster

NBA players:

Last Name starting with...

NBA Teams:
Atlanta Hawks Info - Records
Boston Celtics Info - Records
Brooklyn Nets Info - Records
Charlotte Hornets Info - Records
Chicago Bulls Info - Records
Cleveland Cavaliers Info - Records
Dallas Mavericks Info - Records
Denver Nuggets Info - Records
Detroit Pistons Info - Records
Golden State Warriors Info - Records
Houston Rockets Info - Records
Indiana Pacers Info - Records
LA Clippers Info - Records
LA Lakers Info - Records
Memphis Grizzlies Info - Records
Miami Heat Info - Records
Milwaukee Bucks Info - Records
Minnesota Timberwolves Info - Records
New Orleans Pelicans Info - Records
New York Knicks Info - Records
Oklahoma City Thunder Info - Records
Orlando Magic Info - Records
Philadelphia 76ers Info - Records
Phoenix Suns Info - Records
Portland Trail Blazers Info - Records
Sacramento Kings Info - Records
San Antonio Spurs Info - Records
Toronto Raptors Info - Records
Utah Jazz Info - Records
Washington Wizards Info - Records

All-Time Head-to-Head Records

NBA Posters:
Allen Iverson
Amare Stoudemire
Andre Iguodala
Andrew Bynum
Baron Davis
Ben Gordon
Ben Wallace
Bill Russell
Brandon Roy
Carlos Boozer
Carmelo Anthony
Caron Butler
Chauncey Billups
Chris Bosh
Chris Paul
Dennis Rodman
Deron Williams
Dirk Nowitzki
Dwight Howard
Dwyane Wade
Gary Payton
Gilbert Arenas
Jason Kidd
Jermaine O'Neal
Joe Johnson
John Stockton
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Karl Malone
Kevin Garnett
Kirk Hinrich
Kobe Bryant
Larry Bird
Lebron James
Magic Johnson
Manu Ginobili
Michael Jordan
Pau Gasol
Paul Pierce
Rasheed Wallace
Ray Allen
Reggie Miller
Richard Hamilton
Ron Artest
Scottie Pippen
Sebastian Telfair
Shaquille O'Neal
Shawn Marion
Stephon Marbury
Steve Francis
Steve Nash
Tayshaun Prince
Tim Duncan
Tony Parker
Tracy McGrady
Vince Carter
Wilt Chamberlain
Yao Ming


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All-Time Games Played

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