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1948 NBA Draft: all the picks, trades and information.

Information about the 1948 NBA Draft, including the first and second round, all the trades and players data.

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Note: Between 1947 and 1965, before the start of the draft, the teams could forfeit their first-round pick to instead use a 'territorial pick' to select a player from their immediate area. This had the intention of building strong local fan bases.

Here you have all the picks from the 1948 NBA Draft. Total selections: 113

1948 NBA Draft

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Round 1

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
1. Andy Tonkovich Providence Steamrollers Marshall Univ.
2. George Kok Indianapolis Jets Univ. of Arkansas
3. George Hauptfuhrer Boston Celtics Harvard Univ.
4. Dolph Schayes New York Knicks New York Univ.
5. Ed Mikan Chicago Stags DePaul Univ.
6. Walt Budko Baltimore Bullets (1st) Columbia Univ.
7. Robert Gale St. Louis Bombers Cornell Univ.
8. Ward Williams Fort Wayne Pistons Indiana Univ.
9. Chuck Hanger Minneapolis Lakers Univ. of California
10. Bobby Wanzer Rochester Royals Seton Hall Univ.
11. Don Ray Philadelphia Warriors Western Kentucky Univ.
12. Jack Nichols Washington Capitols Univ. of Washington

Other Picks

Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Jim Black Baltimore Bullets (1st) Occidental College
- Darrell Brown Baltimore Bullets (1st) Humboldt State Univ.
- Robert Carroll Baltimore Bullets (1st) West Virginia Univ.
- Jake Carter Baltimore Bullets (1st) East Texas State Univ.
- Marvin English Baltimore Bullets (1st) Newberry College
- Gene Fellmoth Baltimore Bullets (1st) Wittenberg Univ.
- J.W. Fullerton Baltimore Bullets (1st) Arkansas State Univ.
- Marshall Gemberling Baltimore Bullets (1st) Lebanon Valley College
- Vince Hansen Baltimore Bullets (1st) Washington State Univ.
- Joe Holland Baltimore Bullets (1st) Univ. of Kentucky
- Wayne Jones Baltimore Bullets (1st) American International College
- Dan Kraus Baltimore Bullets (1st) Georgetown Univ.
- Herb Krautblatt Baltimore Bullets (1st) Rider Univ.
- Paul Marcincin Baltimore Bullets (1st) Moravian College
- Johnny Bach Boston Celtics Fordham Univ.
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Norman Carey Boston Celtics Oregon State Univ.
- Bob Curran Boston Celtics College of the Holy Cross
- Neil Dooley Boston Celtics Colgate Univ.
- Jack Hauser Boston Celtics Univ. of Denver
- Marshall Hawkins Boston Celtics Univ. of Tennessee
- Tom Kelly Boston Celtics New York Univ.
- Murray Mitchell Boston Celtics Sam Houston State Univ.
- Guinn Phillips Boston Celtics Texas Wesleyan Univ.
- Ray Wehde Boston Celtics Iowa State Univ.
- Hooks Dillon Chicago Stags Univ. of North Carolina
- Whitey Kachan Chicago Stags DePaul Univ.
- Mickey Marty Chicago Stags Loras College
- Ed Mills Chicago Stags Univ. of Wisconsin
- Don Reagan Chicago Stags Murray State Univ.
- Joe Shafer Chicago Stags Wheaton College
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Odie Spears Chicago Stags Western Kentucky Univ.
- Fred Weber Chicago Stags Siena College
- Bobby Cook Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Wisconsin
- Link Richmond Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Arizona
- Kenny Rollins Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Kentucky
- Murray Wier Fort Wayne Pistons Univ. of Iowa
- Reede Berg Indianapolis Jets Univ. of Oregon
- Jack Coleman Indianapolis Jets Louisiana State Univ.
- Alex Hannum Indianapolis Jets Univ. of Southern California
- Norman Kohler Indianapolis Jets Univ. of North Carolina
- Andy Kostecka Indianapolis Jets Georgetown Univ.
- Ray Lumpp Indianapolis Jets New York Univ.
- Bob Paxton Indianapolis Jets Univ. of North Carolina
- Jack Phoenix Indianapolis Jets Univ. of Idaho
- Dick Wehr Indianapolis Jets Rice Univ.
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Cliff Crandall Minneapolis Lakers Oregon State Univ.
- Arnie Ferrin Minneapolis Lakers Univ. of Utah
- Earl Gardner Minneapolis Lakers DePauw Univ.
- Dee Gibson Minneapolis Lakers Western Kentucky Univ.
- Ken Jastrow Minneapolis Lakers Univ. of Denver
- Bob Lowther Minneapolis Lakers Louisiana State Univ.
- Johnny Orr Minneapolis Lakers Beloit College
- Junior Skogland Minneapolis Lakers Gustavus Adolphus
- Quentin Stinson Minneapolis Lakers Southern Illinois Univ.
- Gene Berce New York Knicks Marquette Univ.
- Leland Byrd New York Knicks West Virginia Univ.
- Harry Gallatin New York Knicks Truman State Univ.
- Keith Grimes New York Knicks East Central Univ.
- Mel McGaha New York Knicks Univ. of Arkansas
- Ed Peterson New York Knicks Cornell Univ.
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Tex Ritter New York Knicks Eastern Kentucky Univ.
- Dick Shrider New York Knicks Ohio Univ.
- John Stanisch New York Knicks Univ. of California, Los Angeles
- William Brown Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Maryland
- Hugh Compton Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Louisville
- Joe Nelson Philadelphia Warriors Brigham Young Univ.
- Clint Pace Philadelphia Warriors Pepperdine Univ.
- Roy Pugh Philadelphia Warriors Southern Methodist Univ.
- Tom Short Philadelphia Warriors Kansas Wesleyan
- Joe Wahl Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of Akron
- Andy Wolfe Philadelphia Warriors Univ. of California
- Al Bennett Providence Steamrollers Oklahoma State Univ.
- Jack Coleman Providence Steamrollers Univ. of Louisville
- Ed Faber Providence Steamrollers Trinity Univ.
- Verl Heap Providence Steamrollers Arizona State Univ.
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- Otto Snellbacher Providence Steamrollers Univ. of Kansas
- Brady Walker Providence Steamrollers Brigham Young Univ.
- Alex Athas Rochester Royals Tulane Univ.
- Bill Gabor Rochester Royals Syracuse Univ.
- Ed Keim Rochester Royals Niagara Univ.
- Leo Kubiak Rochester Royals Bowling Green State Univ.
- Johnny Macknowski Rochester Royals Seton Hall Univ.
- Lionel Melamed Rochester Royals City College of New York
- Hank O'Keefe Rochester Royals Canisius College
- Warren Stickel Rochester Royals Syracuse Univ.
- Paul Yesavi Rochester Royals Niagara Univ.
- Jack Burmaster St. Louis Bombers Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Gordon Flick St. Louis Bombers Drake Univ.
- John Hoppin St. Louis Bombers Dickinson College
- Dan London St. Louis Bombers Washington Univ. in Saint Louis
Pick Player NBA Team From (College) Pick Details
- D. Miller St. Louis Bombers Saint Louis Univ.
- Easy Parham St. Louis Bombers Texas Wesleyan Univ.
- D.C. Wilcutt St. Louis Bombers Saint Louis Univ.
- Fred Bartell Washington Capitols Univ. of Oregon
- Ed Hughes Washington Capitols San Jose State Univ.
- Thorton Jenkins Washington Capitols Univ. of Missouri
- Leo Katkaveck Washington Capitols North Carolina State Univ.
- C.T. Parker Washington Capitols Louisiana Tech Univ.
- Jack Parkinson Washington Capitols Univ. of Kentucky
- Don Walker Washington Capitols Sam Houston State Univ.
- Al Williams Washington Capitols Univ. of Arkansas

Total picks: 113