2nd Seeded Teams That Made the NBA Finals

Stats about how many teams reached the Finals and won or lost the NBA Championship after entering the playoffs as the 2 seed. It includes a statistical summary and and an all-time full list with all of them one by one with details of year, rivals, champion and series results.

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How many 2 seeds have reached the NBA Finals?
In NBA history, 39 teams that arrived to the Playoffs as the 2nd seed reached the Finals, and that includes 5 times where both finalists that competed for the Championship were the number 2 seeds of that season. A total of 34 Finals have had at least one seed 2 on them.

And how many 2 seeds were the NBA Champions?
Of those 39 teams, 16 won the title (41.0%), while the other 23 lost the Finals.

Summary - 2nd Seeded Teams

Champions Lost FinalsWinning % Finalists Finals Made

Notes: in multiple years between 1954 and 1972 the Playoffs only had seeds 1, 2 and 3. Seeds are Conference seeds since 1973 and Division seeds previous to that.

Number 2 Seeds that reached the NBA Finals - One by one

4-2 vs. Dallas Mavericks (4th)
4-2 vs. Phoenix Suns (1st)
4-2 vs. Houston Rockets (2nd)