NBA Awards: Most Improved Player, Grouped by Team

This is the complete list of NBA players that won the Most Improved Player Award, grouped by team.

Team with the Most Awards:

Indiana Pacers / Orlando Magic
5 times had the Most Improved Player

NBA Awards: Most Improved Player

Every year since the 1985-86 season the Most Improved Player is selected by a national panel of pro basketball writers and broadcasters.

Five times the Orlando Magic and the Indiana Pacers were the team of the player that got this award.

Most Improved Player: by Year / by Team

NBA Awards: All-time list of teams who had the winner of the Most Improved Player award.

Awards NBA Team
Player / Season
5 Indiana Pacers
Paul George
Danny Granger
Jermaine O'Neal
Victor Oladipo
Jalen Rose
5 Orlando Magic
Ryan Anderson
Darrell Armstrong
Tracy McGrady
Scott Skiles
Hedo Turkoglu
3 Phoenix Suns
Boris Diaw
Goran Dragic
Kevin Johnson
3 Portland Trail Blazers
Kevin Duckworth
C.J. McCollum
Zach Randolph
3 Washington Wizards
Pervis Ellison
1991-92 (Washington Bullets)
Don MacLean
1993-94 (Washington Bullets)
Gheorghe Muresan
1995-96 (Washington Bullets)
2 Golden State Warriors
Gilbert Arenas
Monta Ellis
2 Miami Heat
Isaac Austin
Rony Seikaly
1 Atlanta Hawks
Alan Henderson
1 Chicago Bulls
Jimmy Butler
1 Denver Nuggets
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
1 Houston Rockets
Aaron Brooks
1 Los Angeles Clippers
Bobby Simmons
1 Milwaukee Bucks
Giannis Antetokounmpo
1 Minnesota Timberwolves
Kevin Love
1 Oklahoma City Thunder
Dale Ellis
1986-87 (Seattle Supersonics)
1 Philadelphia 76ers
Dana Barros
1 San Antonio Spurs
Alvin Robertson
1 Toronto Raptors
Pascal Siakam
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