NBA Honors: Assists Leaders, Grouped by Player

This is the complete list of NBA players that led the league in assists, grouped by player.

Player with the Most Honors:

John Stockton
John Stockton
9 times Assists Leader

NBA Honors: Assists Leader

Since the 1969-70 NBA season, the assist leader is the player with the best assists per game average. Previously, from 1946-47 through the 1968-69 season, the NBA assist leader was the player with more total assists at the end of each season.

John Stockton - who is the All-time assists leader - is at the top of this list. He led the NBA 9 consecutive times. Of course, Stockton's teammate and second all-time top scorer Karl Malone had something to do with it.

Assists Leaders: by Year / by Player / by Team

NBA Single Season Assists Leaders. All-time list of players who led the league.

Team / Season
9 John Stockton
8 Bob Cousy
6 Oscar Robertson
Cincinnati Royals
5 Jason Kidd
New Jersey Nets
Phoenix Suns
5 Steve Nash
5 Chris Paul
Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Clippers
New Orleans Hornets
4 Magic Johnson
Los Angeles Lakers
4 Kevin Porter
Washington Bullets
Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons / New Jersey Nets
Washington Bullets
3 Rajon Rondo
Sacramento Kings
Boston Celtics
3 Russell Westbrook
Washington Wizards
Oklahoma City Thunder
2 Andy Phillip
Philadelphia Warriors
2 Guy Rodgers
Chicago Bulls
San Francisco Warriors
1 Tiny Archibald
Kansas City-Omaha Kings
1 Don Buse
Indiana Pacers
1 Ernie Calverley
Providence Steamrollers
1 Wilt Chamberlain
Philadelphia 76ers
1 Howie Dallmar
Philadelphia Warriors
1 Bob Davies
Rochester Royals
1 Ernie DiGregorio
Buffalo Braves
1 James Harden
Houston Rockets
1 Mark Jackson
Denver Nuggets / Indiana Pacers
1 LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers
1 Dick McGuire
New York Knicks
1 Andre Miller
Cleveland Cavaliers
1 Johnny Moore
San Antonio Spurs
1 Micheal Ray Richardson
New York Knicks
1 Rod Strickland
Washington Wizards
1 Isiah Thomas
Detroit Pistons
1 Norm Van Lier
Cincinnati Royals
1 Slick Watts
Seattle Supersonics
1 Jerry West
Los Angeles Lakers
1 Lenny Wilkens
Seattle Supersonics