NBA Honors: Scoring Leaders, Grouped by Team

This is the complete list of all the NBA players that led the league in points, grouped by team.

Team with more honors:

Golden State Warriors
14 times had the Scoring Leader

NBA Honors: Scoring Leaders

Since the 1969-70 NBA season, the leading scorer is determined by points per game. Previously, from 1946-47 through the 1968-69 season, the NBA scoring leader was the player with more total points at the end of each season.

Despite Michael Jordan's 10 scoring titles, the Bulls are not at the top of this list. The many versions of the Warriors franchise - Philadelphia, San Francisco and Golden State - have a total of 14 Scoring Leader honors.

About the NBA Scoring Leaders:
Scoring Leaders Year by Year / Scoring Leaders by Player / Scoring Leaders by Team

NBA Single Season Scoring Leaders. All-time list of teams who had the league leader.

Awards NBA Team
14 Golden State Warriors
Wilt Chamberlain
1964-65 (played for San Francisco Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers)
1963-64, 1962-63 (San Francisco Warriors)
1961-62, 1960-61, 1959-60 (Philadelphia Warriors)
Neil Johnston
1954-55, 1953-54, 1952-53 (Philadelphia Warriors)
Paul Arizin
1956-57, 1951-52 (Philadelphia Warriors)
Rick Barry
1966-67 (San Francisco Warriors)
Stephen Curry
Joe Fulks
1946-47 (Philadelphia Warriors)
10 Chicago Bulls
7 Los Angeles Lakers
George Mikan
1950-51, 1949-50, 1948-49 (Minneapolis Lakers)
Kobe Bryant
Shaquille O'Neal
Jerry West
6 Philadelphia 76ers
Allen Iverson
Wilt Chamberlain
1964-65 (played for San Francisco Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers)
6 Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook
5 San Antonio Spurs
George Gervin
David Robinson
3 Los Angeles Clippers
Bob McAdoo
1975-76, 1974-75, 1973-74 (Buffalo Braves)
3 Atlanta Hawks
Bob Pettit
1958-59, 1955-56 (St. Louis Hawks)
Dominique Wilkins
3 Utah Jazz
Adrian Dantley
Pete Maravich
1976-77 (New Orleans Jazz)
3 Orlando Magic
Tracy McGrady
Shaquille O'Neal
2 Milwaukee Bucks
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
2 New York Knicks
Carmelo Anthony
Bernard King
2 Detroit Pistons
Dave Bing
George Yardley
2 Houston Rockets
James Harden
Elvin Hayes
1968-69 (San Diego Rockets)
1 Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James
1 Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade
1 Sacramento Kings
Tiny Archibald
1972-73 (Kansas City-Omaha Kings)
1 Denver Nuggets
Alex English
1 Chicago Stags
(defunct franchise)
Max Zaslofsky
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