NBA Honors: Steals Leaders, Grouped by Player

This is the complete list of NBA players that led the league in steals, grouped by player.

Player with the Most Honors:

Chris Paul
Chris Paul
6 times Steals Leader

NBA Honors: Steals Leader

Steals were not recorded and were not an official statistic until the 1973-74 season.

Michael Jordan not only led the league 10 times in scoring, he also was the top stealer in 3 seasons. Allen Iverson, Alvin Robertson and Michael Ray Richardson also did it 3 times but at the top of this list is Chris Paul who led the NBA in steals 6 times.

Only 4 times the top stealer has been in the championship team: Rick Barry in 1975, Magic Johnson in 1982, Michael Jordan in 1993 and Draymond Green in 2017.

Steals Leaders: by Year / by Player / by Team

NBA Single Season Steals Leaders. All-time list of players who led the league.

Team / Season
6 Chris Paul
Los Angeles Clippers
New Orleans Hornets
3 Allen Iverson
Philadelphia 76ers
3 Michael Jordan
Chicago Bulls
3 Micheal Ray Richardson
New Jersey Nets
Golden State Warriors / New Jersey Nets
New York Knicks
3 Alvin Robertson
Milwaukee Bucks
San Antonio Spurs
2 Mookie Blaylock
Atlanta Hawks
2 Baron Davis
Golden State Warriors
New Orleans Hornets
2 Magic Johnson
Los Angeles Lakers
2 John Stockton
Utah Jazz
1 Rick Barry
Golden State Warriors
1 Don Buse
Indiana Pacers
1 Jimmy Butler
Miami Heat
1 M.L. Carr
Detroit Pistons
1 Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors
1 Paul George
Oklahoma City Thunder
1 Kendall Gill
New Jersey Nets
1 Rickey Green
Utah Jazz
1 Draymond Green
Golden State Warriors
1 Larry Hughes
Washington Wizards
1 Eddie Jones
Charlotte Hornets
1 Ron Lee
Phoenix Suns
1 Kawhi Leonard
San Antonio Spurs
1 Nate McMillan
Seattle Supersonics
1 Victor Oladipo
Indiana Pacers
1 Gary Payton
Seattle Supersonics
1 Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls
1 Rajon Rondo
Boston Celtics
1 Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers
1 Larry Steele
Portland Trail Blazers
1 Gerald Wallace
Charlotte Bobcats
1 Slick Watts
Seattle Supersonics